Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hello... long time no see, sorry so busy me... Here, snack for you... Pop! Pop! Pop!  It's Popcorn timeeee!!!

Let's see how to prepare your own delicious homemade popcorn.
1/2 cup of dried corn kernel (special for popcorn)
50 ml corn oil
1 tbsp butter

heat up the oil in the pan to maximum and melt the butter.

spread the kernel evenly, reduce the heat and cover the pan with the lid.

Listen to the 'pop' until no more 'pop' is heard.

Now, your popcorn is done!!!

Oppsss!!! Lets prepare the caramel, so that our popcorn will taste more better.
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsps butter

Melt sugar to caramel (browning)
Add butter to melt and mix well.  At this point you can add a tablespoon of honey (if you like).   Let the mixture turn a little bit browning before we fold the popcorn in.

Quickly fold in the popcorns and mix well.

It' ready to pop in your mouth.  ;-)