Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chocolate Tiramisu Cake - My Version

Taraaaaa!!! Happy enjoying my own piece of cake... Chocolate Tiramisu cake.  I made this for my son birthday yesterday.  And the best part was everyone enjoying it too... Nothing goes to the bin.  That a success story of my cake, at least, this time...  ;)

Let's see the process of making this simply delicious yummy cake.

1 no. 8" Chocolate Sponge Cake - divided to 3 layers

2 tsps instant coffee + 100 ml fresh milk

Cream mixture:
250 gm whipping cream
400 gm cream cheese
160 gm icing sugar
1 tbsp gelatine powder
70 ml hot water

Dissolve gelatine powder into hot water.  Keep aside to lukewarm.
Whisk whipping cream to stiff peak. Aside.
Beat cream cheese and icing sugar to become creamy.  Gradually add the gelatine mixture in and continue beating until well mixed.
Gently fold in the beaten whipping cream using wooden spatula until mixture is well combined.

...before make over after hours in the freezer

Assemble the cake:
Place 1st layer of cake on the base of springform tray (I used slightly bigger then the cake size), sprinkle coffee syrup on the cake and spread 1/3 of cream mixture.
Place 2nd layer of the cake on the 1st cream layer, sprinkle syrup on the cake and spread another 1/3 of cream mixture. Continue with the 3rd layer of the cake and spread cream mixture on top.
Keep frozen for 8 hours.
Loosen the springform and decorate as desired.
Covered the whole cake with fresh cream frosting but I used the left over cream mixture.  Please do not waste anything... ;)

Less is more... I prefer simple decoration... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chocolate Indulgence



SYRUP (disatukan):
2 tbsp instant coffee
225 tbsp susu uht

600 whipping cream
150 g melt dark choc
150g melt white choc
3 sudu besar gelatin
150 ml air

Campurkan air dan gelatin, double-boil hingga gelatin larut.
Sebatikan 1/3 cairan gelatin ke dalam ‘dark choc’ yg telah dicairkan. Selebihnya sebatikan ke dalam ‘white choc’ cair.
Putar cream sehingga licin.
Ambil 200gm krim kaupbalik ke dalam dark choc mixture.
400gm lagi dicampurkan dengan white choc - kaupbalik. Bahagikan kepada dua bahagian.

TOPPING (ganache):
300g uht whipping cream
600g dark choc cincang
½ tbsp melted butter

Panaskan krim, hingga berbuih kecil (tidak mendidih). Masukkan dark choc. Kacau sehingga sebati. Masukkan butter.

150g whipping cream diputar.

Cara penyediaan:
Bahagikan kek kepada 4 bahagian.
Lapisan pertama, sapu dengan syrup. Kemudian lepakan dengan white mousse. Letak lapisan kedua. Sapu syrup kopi lagi. Lepakan dengan dark choc. Letak lapisan kek yg ke3, sapu syrup dan lapis dengan mousse putih.
Kemudian tutup lapisan akhir. Lepakan seluruh kek dengan whipping cream yang telah diputar. Setkan sebentar di dalam peti ais. Kemudian curahkan topping.