Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rolled Jelly

Responded the 2nd challenge in RNet, 'Agar-agar Gulung' recipe courtesy of Chef Tania and the award is sponsored by Chef Tania. Roll and let them dry. I don't eat them much (tooooo sweet) but I like the colours - so traffic light... I wish myself good luck... hehehe... Nicely packed the dried and crystalized jellies in a plastic pack and sealed.

Buns n Mini Pizzas

I left my 'bread world' for more than a year already. I was dissappointed with the machine I just bought that time. Most of the time didn't produce my bread/buns to the expectation. I gave up! But I missed them (the breads and buns I bake myself) lately... So, I started to prepare a homemade buns again.

psstttt... actually I bought a new machine... hehehehe...

let's see what I got...

The process - resting the doughReady to bake - Sausage bunsIt's ready to 'ngap'... eeemmm... yummy!!!Bilis bun... (filled with bilis floss)Filled with butter - but the butter melted and came out from the bun...Mini pizza - someone requested for sample

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cream Puff

Order came from Lynn Sham for Hjh Shamsiah of Kota Emerald. Actually, Kak Sham asked Lynn to take her order but Lynn had already planned to 'balik kampung' and 'tai-chi'ed to me instead. Anyway, thanks to both who believed in me. 100 pcs of cream puff was packed in these boxes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ordered by Mimi again, but this to celebrate her birthday (13th January) with her office colleagues. Happy Birthday Mimi! Happy munch! munch! And... this is for her boss who celebrated his birthday on the same date.
Happy Birthday to both of you - the Boss & Secretary!!!

Manchester United Theme

This is really a big challenge to me so far. Mimi asked for 33 pcs of MU Theme cupcakes for her beloved husband, Faizal's 33rd birthday as he is a big fan of red giant. Emm... alahai... I've never done any cupcakes with a theme design before. So, I seeked help from LindaZA, the owner of

Thank you Mimi for giving me this challenge and big thank you to Linda for her guidance. I love you all...

Welcome Cuppies for 2009

I welcomed the year 2009 with cupcakes ordered by Ziezie of Sg. Choh for her beloved husband, En. Zahid 31st birthday which fall on 3rd of January.

Thank you Ziezie.

Good Bye Cuppies for 2008

These mini cupcakes ordered by Nor Iran just few days before the year 2008 ends. She asked for 150 pcs but I managed to complete only 140 pcs - short of 10 pcs. So sorry Nor... hope you and your family enjoy the cakes during the party. Another order from Nor Iran but this was before the school holidays begin for her dotter's class party.

I baked chocolate cake as per her request. Children's favourite... Thank you Nor!