Monday, September 22, 2008


This is one of my favourite - Kuih Sago. I always want it gentle and shakey 'dangdut' like Inul (my favourite dangdut singer) when she performs, always shake the tray before buying them. So, this time I tried myself. Wow!!! Not that hard... but it was too sweet (for me) and need to reduce the sugar next time.

Kuih Sago Kacau - Noraini@RestoranPakAmir

1 bowl sago
3 bowls water
1-1.5 bowl sugar / palm sugar (chopped)
pandan leaves
dessicated coconut + pinch of salt (for coating)
hot boiled water to wash the sago

  1. Put sago in a strainer and pour hot boiled water on it. Make sure a bowl is put underneath the strainer to prevent the hot water from licking out. Soak a moment and wash under running tap water. Aside for draining.
  2. Bring to boil 3 bowls of water together with pandan leaves.
  3. Add in washed sago and stir well till it turns clear, then add in sugar. Continue stirring until dense or thicker.
  4. Pour in a tray or moulds and let it cool.
  5. Cut into shape and coat with dessicated coconut and serve.
Good Luck!

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