Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buns n Mini Pizzas

I left my 'bread world' for more than a year already. I was dissappointed with the machine I just bought that time. Most of the time didn't produce my bread/buns to the expectation. I gave up! But I missed them (the breads and buns I bake myself) lately... So, I started to prepare a homemade buns again.

psstttt... actually I bought a new machine... hehehehe...

let's see what I got...

The process - resting the doughReady to bake - Sausage bunsIt's ready to 'ngap'... eeemmm... yummy!!!Bilis bun... (filled with bilis floss)Filled with butter - but the butter melted and came out from the bun...Mini pizza - someone requested for sample

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