Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

This cake is for my sister in law, Kak Purah or Mak Ngah as my children called, for her belated birthday (25th June), requested and transported to the kampung by my niece Julie (her daughter). We made the cake together at Julie's residence.
Inside: orange sponge cake. Very very very last minute request. Luckily I brought extra ingredients to Julie's house in Malacca.

Inside: Strawberry sponge cake, layered with strawberry jam.And this one was requested by Along for her very closed cousin Aklema or Kim as she called, on her 18th birthday (26th June), a day after Mak Ngah's and been celebrated a day later. It's also a present as Kim has to enter college a week later (registration 5th July), somewhere in the northern state. Happy Studying Kim!!!

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