Friday, September 11, 2009

Kuih Raya - Cornflakes Cookies

I've tried this cornflake cookies recipe which is collected from an Indonesian blog owned by Ina Larizz and to my tastebud... two thumbs up! Everyone in the house like it. Originally the recipe owned by Ibu Djoko and shared by Dapur Syl.
Cornflake Cookies

400 gram butter kalengan - 400 gm canned butter (I used normal butter)
200 gram gula pasir - 200 gm sugar (I used castor sugar of confectionery sugar)
400 gram terigu - 400 gm flour
250 gram cornflakes - 250 gm cornflakes
2 kuning telur - 2 yolks
1 sdt vanili cair - 1 tsp vanilla essence

Cara membuat:
Kocok butter kalengan, gula, telur, dan vanili sampai putih.
Beat butter, sugar, yolks and vanilla essence until creamy.
Lalu masukkan sedikit demi sedikit tepung terigu hingga rata.
Gradually add in flour and fold in thoroughly.
Kurangi kecepatan mixer ke bagian yang terendah, lalu masukan cornflakes. Jangan terlalu lama, karena cornflakes akan hancur.
Turn mixer to the lowest speed, and add in cornflakes. Do not too long, cornflakes will crush badly.
Bentuk adonan dengan tangan sesuai selera (ina pake dua sendok, dicowel cowel).
Adonan pun siap di panggang.
Shape to desire and bake.

I translated this recipe to English as per requested by Reena. Thank you for asking, dear. Hope you'll understand my words. ;)


WayYong said...

Kak, bagilah detail sikit. such as bakar for how long. and share lah picture picture.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy dear do u mind posting the recipe in English- Reena

MAS said...


I love the cornflakes Cookies! This is my second time making and my aunty even asked me for the recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers! =)
From Mas(SG)