Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Princess Cake

This is my first attempt of using "transfer method" on cake decoration. It's quite a challenge, tortured me mentally and physically. Hehehehe... Well... you know... actually, I'm not strong enough in taking the risk of unsatisfaction feedback.

Standard Sponge Cake

500g sponge mix
8 eggs
100 ml milk/water
100 ml oil or melted butter
Essence of your choice

In a bowl, combine sponge mix, eggs and milk/water. Beat high speed until light n fluffy.
Fold in oil or melted butter and essence with wooden spatula till combined.
Fill the batter in baking tray lined with greaseproof paper into half-full.
Bake at 175-180 degree Celcius for 50 minutes or when wooden stick inserted comes out clean.
Turn upside down on wire rack after 5 minutes taken out from the oven. Lets cool before decorate.

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