Friday, November 28, 2008

Cream Layered Cake

Hello everyone!!! Let's learn how to layer a cake with freshcream. So, in the future, let your family, guests and everyone taste your very fresh, decorated cake serve just from your tiny kitchen. No more from the bakery...

1) A whole sponge cake
2) Cut horizontally into 3 pcs3) Sprinkle with syrup - to keep the cake moist4) Spread freshcream on the first layer5) Sprinkle with chopped fruits (canned mandarin orange as shown in the picture) and combine the next layer on top
6) Do step 3 - step 5 to the 2nd layer and combine the last layer7) Coat the whole cake with cream and decorate as desire. 8) Emmmm... yum! yum! 9) Peach Layered Cake


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nampak sedap betul. kalau mama include sekali resepi sponge cake tu lagi best. anyways.. enjoyed myself looking at your work.