Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Dough

600g high protien flour
84g sugar
12g instant yeast (use 1 packet of mauripan)
6g bread improver
12g bread softener
12g salt
1 egg
300 ml water (substitute fresh/uht/full cream milk)
18g milk powder (omit if use fresh/uht/liquid milk)
62g magerine/shortening

For Noxxa bread machine method: Put all liquid ingredients first, follow by sugar, salt, softener and magerine. Then all dry ingredients in. Lastly, the yeast. The set the programme 12 & 11. Let it rise in the machine. Take out the dough from machine and divide the dough for 50g each. Shape it into round ball. Leave for 10 minutes and shape as u like or follow the step by step above.

To apply for other machine, please follow the manual given.

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